[Making Of] Zero-G and Ohmiya♥

I had sooo hoped for some Ohmiya love at the Making Of of Arashi's Zero-G, but I shouldn't've worried since Ohmiya seldom disappoints :) I know I'm not the first to picspam (and certainly won't be the last). But who can blame me?

I didn't have any time for gifs this time, but I hope the feelings of unrivaled love will come across anyway.
Please note that this post is image-heavy (around 30 caps).

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Pwuh, I hope this wasn't too long and/or boring. If you want to drop a comment, I'd be seriously happy♥
Video credit: miyase_files   All caps and texts by me.

Some notes (in the highly unlikely but not impossible event, there's someone who doesn't know what this whole post was about): Zero-G was released as a bonus PV on Arashi's recent album The Digitalian and (for the first time in 3 years) graced us with a Making Of. The choreography was done by Ohno, so Arashi praises their Riida throughout the Making Of and said Riida looks a little nervous (cuu~te)
Btw, at the end of the Making Of there's an uncut version of the dance (and imo it's so much better this way than the relatively short bits that are used for the actual PV).
Btw 2, next week's Friday Arashi will guest on Music Station and probably perform Zero-G :)

I want to believe...

Okay, so I was watching this week's VsArashi.

It was at Rolling Coin Tower that my Ohmiya senses were piqued. Not least because after ages Nino and Oh-chan were teamed up together again. And then suddenly I saw Nino's hand disappearing behind Ohno's back, lingering for a sec just slightly above hip height and when Nino retracted said hand he was smiling happily.

And when I re-watched it more often than probably is healthy several times, I began to suspect that Neeners might just have been streching his arms and hasn't touched Ohno at all ;_;

But I want to believe in Nino's groping hand, so I'm posting a screencap anyway.

Yeah, the quality's not that great. It's from when Nino retracted his hand, because the angle and the fact that they're both wearing red made it impossible to see anything otherwise :/

And I decided that in my mind they were cuddling (because for Ohmiya groping counts as such) and be happy

Video Credit: KnH

5x15... (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Some coincidences are so perfect...
Like today I went to a job interview and since I had some time to spare, I walked around the town. And then I spotted this signboard (advertising for the local martial arts club)!!!!!
And on Arashi's anniversary day! I would've been even more perfect than it already was if it had 'Ohmiya' instead of 'Yama', but I'm so not complaining.

Although I've only known Arashi for a small part of their 15 years, I'm so happy about every single day since they've brought me so, so, so much joy. I really hope that one day 'll be able to see them in the flesh and even more I hope that they'll continue to be the awesome that they are
(๑′ᴗ‵๑)I Lᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ♥

Btw, last weekend I finally managed to watch NazoDi Movie as well as Hidamari no Kanojo. They're both really nice, me thinks. Jun's movie was a bit sad towards the ending, but at least I have a new favourite song with 'Wouldn't it be nice?' (never was I happier than when I roamed my mum's CD collection and found some Beach Boys). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a second season of NazoDi (Sho is just too awesome; the chemistry between butler and his lady is simply priceless. My favourite scene is when he praises Reiko and she is shocked he hasn't insulted her before solving the case *lol*).
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[Music Station 2014.02.14] Did you see that?!

The latest Music Station was a very nice surprise in many ways.
First of all, I didn't have the tiniest idea that Arashi would be appearing.
Second, the performance of Bittersweet was so wonderful!! I love that song and Leader's choreography; it's a pity the PV is so meh.
Third (and most importantly) there was a tiny but nevertheless great Ohmiya moment that made my day♥

During the performace (after that adorable scene on the bench) there's a little Nino wandering back toward the main stage.

As you can more or less see, he is last and everyone else is already in position.

BUT! Suddenly... (or BUTT! Suddenly... *hehe*)

A hand comes out of nowhere!
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Kotatsu de Ohmiya ( ^◡^)

明けましておめでとう! I hope everyone had a great start into 2014.
Before my schedule will be full again (starting tomorrow) I dedicated my free time to the numerous variety shows Arashi hosted between Christmas and New Year. I haven't been able to watch everything yet, but so far I'm really content ( ^◡^)

I've even spotted several little Ohmiya moments that I felt I had to tell the world about to share, so here goes the first part (because I haven't come round to screencaping more than one show).

At Kotatsu DE Arashi 2014 there was one very cute moment. Ohno messed up and Nino as well as Jun were reaching for him to console him. Is it a wonder that Nino was so fast that Jun could do nothing but only pat Leader's arm?

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Happy Birthday, Oh-chan♥ Picspam 33!

To our beloved Ohno Satoshi: Happy, happy birthday!!! I can't believe you're already 33 years old.

To celebrate this special, special day I decided to look up my 33 most favourite Ohno pics and compile them into a post. Which was surprisingly hard since there are soooooooooo many pics I've come to love. However I somehow managed to limit myself and sorted them by theme so this is not too random :p

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Girl!OhnoCollapse )

Ohno the actorCollapse )

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At last!

My prayers have been answered at last!

Chinen Yuri, Ohno's No.1 personal fanboy, will be guesting on VsArashi on Dec.5th!!!

This is going to be epic! (I hope so at least ^^')
What will Nino do? Will Chinen be still alive after this? And what'll happen to Ohno's butt???

Who doesn't remember the last time Chinen and Nino crossed, well not swords but you know what I mean. That one most epic time Chinen came to VsArashi in 2009 (along with Yamada-kun~) Ohno was being pretty... manipulative back then *laughs* And at Falling Pipes Arashi were quite mean sempai (namely J and Nino) Ahhh, good old times...


Yes, he does... But I wouldn't dare to say that to his face :o

Nino thinks so too!

I'll mark the day in my calendar (as if I'd forget!) and wait impatiently for the ultimate showdown!

pic credit: miyase_files & ast

Enomoto Kei aka Leader at Meitantei Conan

Yesterday I visited my trusted manga store to get myself the latest Meitantei Conan (i.e. the latest that has been released in my country which is #77). Naturally I read it as soon as I got the chance (and it is crawling towards a climax once again XD) and finally reached the Detective Encyclopedia (for those who don't follow the manga: at the end of each takoubon the author introduces a famous detective along with a doodle, tells his readers why he likes him/her and says which story is his favourite. And after releasing more than 75 parts Aoyama-sensei has gathered quite a number of riddle-solving people ^^,)

However, this time around he introduces Enomoto Kei from Kagi no kakatta Heya (who as you probably all remember is originally a character of a book series) but for the little doodle he used none other than our very own and trusted Leader!!!

Enomoto - 2
(click on the image for full size - 910x1300)
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Edit: Because I was asked to share what Aoyama-sensei wrote about KagiHeya I made a quick translation ^^y
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I didn't think I'd ever write this, but please don't repost. And maybe even more important, in case you already know what'll happen in Conan #78, please don't post spoilers (b/c I don't know yet and until the next part is released I want to keep it that way). Thanks~
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