Picspam: VsArashi - Cheeky Oh-chan and his Nino~

I feel like I have been absent from fandom for years when it has "only" been three weeks. I was suffering from a nasty cold that turned into an even nastier ear infection and so I spent my days feeling sorry for myself >.< However, before I turned into a breeding place for viruses I had already decided to cap this particular VsArashi episode (partially) and how better to celebrate my return to the world of the living?

In this episode (o.a. 2015.11.12) there's a short Ohmiya moment that's not really cuu~te but funny at least.

Just before Ohno and Aiba had been extremely fantastic at Cliff Climb. So of course they have to give each other a celebratory hug.

Now. We're at Bank Bowling with Ohmiya for the second round.

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Anniversary - how fast a year goes by...

Technically it's been last Monday, but I didn't come round to posting any earlier.
So, I've just had my Arashi anniversary. And come July this LJ will have been round for 5 years. So I feel like celebrating~

I won't be able to post on my actual LJ anniversary because I'm in the middle of moving house (right now I'm in process of planning but it's already giving me headaches) and I might not even be able to go online at the beginning of July.
So I decided to kind of combine both dates to compile the following list.

Those five years gave me this (and so much more ):

215 episodes Arashi ni Shiyagare
    24 SPs
206 episodes VsArashi
     7 VsArashi SPs
120 episodes Himitsu no Arashi-chan
     4 x Mannequin 5 SP ^^y
102 episodes Aiba Manabu
  77 episodes Nino-san
  47 episodes Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai
  39 episodes Ima kono Kao ga sugoi
   5 times hosting Kouhaku Utagassen
   2 times hosting 24hr TV

16 singles
 8 concert DVDs/BDs
 5 studio albums
 1 compilation

14 Doramas
13 Dorama SPs
11 Movies

Hopefully I counted correctly >.< There are bound to be mistakes for their regular TV shows because of the SPs

Guys, I love you!

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Me loves my Ohmiya


One thing's for sure. Whenever you're down Arashi will come and light up your mood.
Like today, when the day started all wrong and then it went gradually down after that (you all know those days, right? With your coffee maker dying on you first thing in the morning?) But then I listlessly browsed the net and came across Ohmiya and they brightened up my day. And don't they look perfect together♥

Pic credit: j-notas
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Sho as Kageyama featured in Meitantei Conan

For the second time Aoyama Gosho, the author of manga Meitantei Conan, has used an Arashi member as reference material for his Detective Encyclopedia. For those who don't follow the manga: at the end of each takoubon the author introduces a famous detective along with a doodle, tells his readers why he likes him/her and says which story is his favourite.

After portraying Leader as Enomoto Kei a while back (you can go here for my entry about it), in book #82 he introduces Nazotoki ha Dinner no atode and Sho as the hottest butler ever Kageyama.
And yes, techincally he doesn't introduce Sho but like last time I don't care that much since he was clearly depicted, so who cares?

(click onto the image for full size - 448px × 623px
I'll try to re-scan it at 600dpi in the next couple of days)

Of course he also wrote a little something about Kageyama and the novel series.
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Please don't repost the scan or the text. Thank you very much!

Oh, my Oh-chan...

I'm really looking forward to all the Hawaii SPs we are being graced with starting Saturday and I've been re-watching the previews again and again.
I think it's no secret that our beloved Leader cried at the VsArashi SP (*sniff*) but today they aired an extra moment and I was just 'Oh, my poor, poor Oh-baby...' I wonder whether Nino Arashi cuddled him afterwards? Wanna see!!!

On a happier note, they let him fish at Shiyagare and he looked soooooooooo happy :)

I lol'ed so much much when I kinda understood (or I think I did) that Nino did only indoor activities...

And our fabulous J... he beautifies the beach.

Vid credit: KnH
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[Making Of] Zero-G and Ohmiya♥

I had sooo hoped for some Ohmiya love at the Making Of of Arashi's Zero-G, but I shouldn't've worried since Ohmiya seldom disappoints :) I know I'm not the first to picspam (and certainly won't be the last). But who can blame me?

I didn't have any time for gifs this time, but I hope the feelings of unrivaled love will come across anyway.
Please note that this post is image-heavy (around 30 caps).

Ohmiya Love x 30Collapse )

Pwuh, I hope this wasn't too long and/or boring. If you want to drop a comment, I'd be seriously happy♥
Video credit: miyase_files   All caps and texts by me.

Some notes (in the highly unlikely but not impossible event, there's someone who doesn't know what this whole post was about): Zero-G was released as a bonus PV on Arashi's recent album The Digitalian and (for the first time in 3 years) graced us with a Making Of. The choreography was done by Ohno, so Arashi praises their Riida throughout the Making Of and said Riida looks a little nervous (cuu~te)
Btw, at the end of the Making Of there's an uncut version of the dance (and imo it's so much better this way than the relatively short bits that are used for the actual PV).
Btw 2, next week's Friday Arashi will guest on Music Station and probably perform Zero-G :)