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about me
When you've stumbled across this Journal you are probably an Arashi-fan as well. (If not, you're still welcome of course! Though maybe all the flailing here might give you nothing...)
I absolutely ship Ohmiya♥ and to me they are totally married. I am maybe a little bit more biased with Nino than with the rest of Arashi, but I love them all like crazy!
about this LJ
This is where I share my Arashi addiction. You are likely to find my fanfiction and lots of Ohmiya posts here♥ These include gif- and picspams and very occassionally me trying to do graphics/icons. Since my Japanese is sadly still pretty limited, for now I gave up my tries to translate.
For all and any posts I appreciate feedback and/or constructive criticism! Random flailing is also always welcomed :)
about friending
Feel free to add me if you like, though bear in mind that I won't ever answer to blank adds. I only add back people I have at least talked with once.
So if you want me to friend you back, drop by a comment somewhere at least please and tell me you're adding me.
about other interests
Before I even I ever knew about Arashi (did such a time exist?) I already loved J-Dorama. My favourite actors include Oguri Shun, Miura Haruma, Ikuta Toma and Nino's fav Takeuchi Yuuko.
When I'm not reading, taking photos or enjoying a walk, I'm either with friends or pursuing my aspirations to become a librarian.
I've had an interest in Japan for the last twenty years and have since tried to pick up some Japanese.
about everything else
In case anyone wants to ask or say something or simply fangirl around, you can just pm me or leave a comment somewhere. Fanboying is of course welcomed as well! Enjoy your stay~

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