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about me about this LJ about friending about other interests about anything else
I'm a die-hard Arashi fangirl.
I absolutely ship Ohmiya♥ and to me they are totally married. I am maybe a little bit more biased with Nino and Ohno than with the rest of Arashi, but I love them all.
This is where I share my Arashi addiction.
You are likely to find lots of Ohmiya-centered posts♥, like gif- and picspams. From time to time I might go back to fanfiction or me trying to do graphics/icons (or at least I haven't officially given up ^^').
For all and any posts I appreciate feedback and/or constructive criticism! Random flailing is also always welcomed :)
I won't ever answer to blank adds. I only add back people I have at least talked with once.
I don't bite though, so simply drop a comment if you want me to add you back.
My interest in Japan has now lasted around twenty years. I tried to pick up some Japanese in that time and came to love J-Dorama.
I also absolutely love reading and enjoy taking photographs or a walk.
For any questions or for fangirling around, simply drop a comment or send a PM.